We ensure that every one of our clients has a plan that fits their needs, not ours.
Our clients never have to wonder where to go for financial, legal or tax questions.


Mutual Funds

We provide fund solutions to custom fit any objective and risk profile.  We use an unbiased approach and provide continued proactive management.


Managed Accounts and ​Alternative Investments

We provide managed fiduciary accounts.  Our process will identify what type of account is most appropriate after a comprehensive meeting process.  Our fee schedule is customizable based on your needs and service requirements.



We offer annuities to fit specific needs: income, tax deferred growth, principal and death benefit protection.  We believe that all investors are unique, and that their retirement solutions should help them meet their goals regardless of the product.


Life and Long Term Care

Whether you’re raising a family or retired and planning your legacy, life and long term care insurance can play a critical role.  We offer many different products and solutions to fit these needs.